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How to Train Your Dog to Wear a Backpack

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There’s nothing like hiking a mountain trail on a clear day with your four-legged buddy. And there’s always gear to bring along – water, treats, frisbee, dog food, huge dog clothes, the tennis ball – so why not let your friend haul a few of it in a rugged dog backpack? Listen from the skilled hikers at Big-Pooch Park and train your pal to enjoy wearing a dog backpack prior to your very first hike.

Train Your DogHere’s their advice:

1. Start with an empty pack
2. Include the backpack into day-to-day walks
3. Gradually enhance the quantity of gear

Starting with an empty pack:

It is important to assist your friend to get accustomed to the sensation of using a backpack before you include weight. Begin by changing the pack to fit your pal’s size. It needs to be snug, however not constricting. Then take your best friend on your regular walk utilizing the usual leash. Stop midway through your walk and strap on the pack, then continue as normal.

If your pal makes it all the way house without a hassle then reward him or her with affection and treats. If your pal begins to fuss prior to getting a house then take the pack off and reward him with affection, and attempt once again tomorrow. Enhance the interval every day up until you make it all the way home. Then repeat, including the backpack at the halfway point for a few days, up until your pal appears comfy enough to use the pack for the whole walk.

Including the backpack into everyday walks:

After your best friend ends up being comfortable using the pack, it’s time to gradually add gear. Start with little items and distribute the weight equally; for instance, put a foldable frisbee on one side, and some dog clothes on the other. Over a week, increase the gear every day till your friend ends up being comfortable using a full pack. Remember to disperse the weight equally and don’t compel it if your buddy is not in the state of mind. Make it enjoyable for them and you’ll have fun too !!

Gradually enhance the quantity of gear:

After your pal is comfortable with all this brand-new activity, begin adding more and more gear. Always remember to ease back if your best friend gets uncomfortable. Pack products that you will actually use on the path so your buddy get’s use to the feel of the gear in the backpack. And remember to stop along the way and smell the roses … or at least get a cold beverage of water and toss the frisbee around!!

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