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Pet supplies for camping with your dog

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Wondering which pet supplies are essential while traveling through the wilderness, going for a hike or going to camp? There are several outstanding pet supplies for going into the wild. Every type of traveling has other needs. For example, if you’re going through the wilderness and it could be cold, maybe you need a dog sleeping bag to let your pet staying comfy through the night. If you are going to camp on a camping spot in summer, you might want to have a lightweight dog bowl to give your pet some hydrating water. In this article, we give you the best gear for your trip with your best buddy.

Our first tip for all trips: Take a handy dog leash (and dog collar) with you, especially if your dog is a little bit wild and playful. Some excellent examples are these ones below.

Pet supplies for camping

For camping, there are some essentials to bring with. In addition to the dog leash (which is on a multiple user camping site a big necessary) bring also some pickup sacks. Your neighbors on the campground will really appreciate you pick up your buddy’s droppings.

A drinking bowl

Your dog needs to hydrate all the time, so don’t forget to take a drinking bowl or something he can take some water from. There are some awesome light-weight dog bowls to take with you.

Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowl              4-pack light weight dog bowls         Aigou Lightweight Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl

Staying warm through the night

Prepare your trip for colder temperatures. Please keep in mind an animal conditioned to warm houses, even with a nice fur, can get very cold in the evening. A nice pet sleeping bag or dog blankets can do the job. There some excellent, but sometimes pricey, sleeping bags for dogs. These will fulfill in warmth during the more extreme hikes. If you are going for a shorter or summer trips, cheaper ones will also do the job. Dog blankets are also an excellent idea to bring with on a camping trip. If you don’t have or don’t want to put some extra money into these you also can use some fleece blankets.

Extra tip: if you are going into the wild, you probably want to let your buddy stay with you in the tent or camper. Bears and wolves maybe around and you don’t want your dog gets hurt. in addition to the companion of your buddy, you also get some warmth from him/her.

Pet supplies: Ruffwear dog sleeping bag

Pet supplies for swimming

In the previous section we addressed the cool evening problems for camping with your dog, but don’t forget your dog could also get very heated through sunny and warm days. Sometimes the best remedy to warmth is a nice and refreshing dive isn’t it?? Well this is not only for humans very nice, your dog maybe also like a cooling swim. Maybe your buddy isn’t that kind of swimmer, in that case you probably want something that floats. This is especially of importance with swimming in wilder water. Please be careful the water isn’t to wild and find a nice, less chaotic place in the river. There are for these situations dog life jackets on the market.

Be your dog’s medic

During a trip it’s recommended to bring a pet first aid kit with you. Essential supplies in this kit are at least:

  • a tick removal tool,
  • tweezers for picking needles and splinters,
  • paw protectors or boots (you can also take bandage if you don’t have these)
  • some bandage
  • A book or print out on how to take care of dogs

Before you go on a trip, make sure to note down some local veterinarians and save these notes at least with your dog first aid kit. Pet first aid kits are also for sale as complete package. Often, these include a manual for taking care of your dog (or other pet).

Pet supplies for hiking

Even though the aforementioned tips also apply when hiking with your dog, there are a few extra essential items that are useful when you go on a hiking or longer day trips.

Dog backpack

For longer walks or hikes, it is recommended to let your buddy wear a dog backpack. Not only are these convenient in bringing their own water and useful items with them, dogs like to be active and work. When you decide to buy a backpack for your dog, please make sure the dog backpacks fits well and is the appropriate size. Your dog needs to learn how to handle the extra weight so train him before the trip. See this article on how to train your dog on wearing a backpack. Also, don’t overload the backpack and make sure his condition is sufficient.

Dog backpack carrier

If you have a smaller dog, it is a good idea bringing a dog backpack carrier with you: in difficult locations there are safety issues for smallers dogs and in addition to this are smaller dogs not build for longer walks. Your friend stay save and comfy on your back (or front) and you can let them out when they like. Dog backpack carriers are also awesome when you decide going for a bicycle tour.

Pack your stuff and go!

So now you know all the essential pet supplies for going on a trip with your buddy. Enjoy the outer life your dog would love it! Don’t forget his or her favorite toy and ball and make it the best time of your and your doggies life!


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